Thursday, 11 July 2019

Northern Greece

The video includes photos from our trip to Alexandropoulis but Kavala and Thessaloniki have been added as a result of another visit in December 2018.

Kavala is a mixture of old and new. It has its fair share of historic buildings but it also caters for the tourist looking for good hotels, restaurants, bars and shopping. It is a particularly pleasant town with palm trees, a marina and fishing boats.

Standing high on a hill is the Castle which gives you panoramic views of the city below. The Ottoman history of the city is present with landmarks such as the Mohamed Ali Square and his statue and the Hussein Bey mosque. The city is a mix of Byzantine and Ottoman.

The Castle and the Acropolis were built on top of an old Byzantine castle by the Ottomans between 1425 and 1530. However, one of the most impressive things you will see in Kavala is the Kamares or arches, an aquaduct built by Sultan Suleiman II The Magnificent in 1550.

There is also a Tobacco Museum in the town. Kavala used to be an important centre for the cultivation of tobacco.

Thessaloniki is Greece's second city, a lively and vibrant cultural centre in Northern Greece. It is approximately 520 km from Athens and is a hive of activity with its nightlife, shopping and cafe bars and restaurants. The city is also a student city which means it is pretty busy all year round and not just in the tourist season.

There is a lot to see in Thessaloniki. The White Tower, built in the 15th century is the most well known landmark in the city and it is situated along the long and impressive promenade sea front. Visitors can enter the White Tower which is now a museum and take photos from the top of the tower. An interactive multimedia display system takes you through the history of this famous city.

Thessaloniki is home to many beautiful Byzantine Churches. There are slo several museums. Of particular importance to Turkish Nationals is the Atatürk Museum, a historic house museum in Thessaloniki next to the Turkish Consulate. The house is the birthplace of the founder of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk who was born here in 1881.

Thessaloniki is a place that you can visit in any season. Be sure to stay at least a couple of days or more.

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